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Kironide is a natural substance found in the environment of the planet Platonius in Star Trek. It is mentioned only in the TOS episode "Plato's Stepchildren", making it a technology of the week.

Technology of the Week Features

When ingested by humanoids, kironide interacts with pituitary hormones to produce telekinetic abilities. The strength of these abilities is proportional to the concentration of kironide metabolites in the subject's system. Dr. McCoy determined the source of the abilities of the planet's population and was able to produce even stronger abilities in Captain Kirk and Spock in just a few hours by injecting them with higher concentrations of kironide, allowing the three to escape imprisonment by the Platonians, but the technique has never been replicated.

The Platonians had very weak immune systems, making even a small scratch a life-threatening infection risk; if this vulnerability is a side-effect of kironide exposure, it might explain why the Federation has not reproduced the effect.