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Kull Warriors were advanced shock-troops created by the Goa'uld Anubis. Later they were used by Ba'al


Kull warriors were genetically engineered creatures controlled by a Goa'uld symbiote. Said symbiotes were specially produced by a Goa'uld queen with minimal programming. They were given optimum physical ability, having massive physical strength. The cost is lifespan, and a Kull warrior will die after a few weeks, even with the symbiote keeping it functional. Kull warriors are manufactured fully developed and need to have their biological systems activated using an Ancient healing device.


Kull warriors are equipped with advanced and highly durable armor that can resist dozens of staff blasts, thousands of rounds military firearms, and the explosion of several kilograms of C4 at close range, although it will not stop high-velocity darts. Their armament is a miniaturized, fully automatic version of the staff weapon mounted on the wrist.