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A Centauri battlecruiser

The Centauri battlecruiser (given the name Primus-class in B5Wars) is a heavy capital warship in the Centauri navy. These ships have superior armament to those of the Narn Regime and the Earth Alliance, but lag in durability.


A Centauri battlecruiser is approximately 250 meters in length and a little over 200 meters wide.[1] As a large capital ship, it has jump engines that can open a vortex into hyperspace.

Centauri battlecruisers have four pulse-cannon turrets mounted on their dorsal surface and four on their ventral surface. The Centauri reportedly fire pulses by preference rather than by technological limitation,[2] so these weapon mounts may also be capable of firing sustained beams. The placement of these turrets allows all of them to fire simultaneously on a target directly in front of the ship. A Centauri battlecruiser was able to produce enough fire from these weapons to overwhelm the interceptor defenses of Babylon 5 while simultaneously firing on a Narn heavy cruiser and a squadron of Starfuries.[3]

A Centauri battlecruiser has a bay in its bow for launching and recovering shuttles. They were never seen to launch starfighters during the series, although secondary sources say they do carry starfighters.

A Centauri battlecruiser can be fitted with a mass driver on its ventral surface. This weapon of mass destruction can fire meteroids gathered near the orbit of a planet onto the planet's surface to cause massive damage for a relatively small expenditure of energy.

The Centauri have artificial gravity technology that they employ on their capital ships, including their battlecruisers. This technology can counteract the effects of hard acceleration, allowing the crew to walk about the ship normally during combat operations and allowing the ship to accelerate at rates that would otherwise be dangerous for the crew.

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