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The lighter class of Centauri warship

Centauri warcruisers are the most commonly seen capital warships of the Centauri Republic. The B5Wars game names them Vorchan-class, but the name was never used in the series. The term "warcruiser" was used once by Londo Mollari.


A Centauri warcruiser is somewhat less than 200 meters in length and width. The vessel is composed of crescent-shaped "wings" that cross at the ship's stern, with a narrow fuselage projecting forward. While it's length and width are not much less than those of a Centauri battlecruiser, the warcruiser has considerably less overall volume. Warcruisers appear to comprise a far larger portion of the Centauri navy than battlecruisers.

Weapons on a Centauri warcruiser include pulse cannons in the bow and in a turret on the dorsal side of the fuselage. A ventral hatch near the bow can drop-launch spherical guided missiles used against other warships.[1] Warcruisers have also been seen to launch missiles from the ventral side of the horizontal wing to attack surface targets.[2]

Centauri warships have artificial gravity technology that allows them to compensate for hard acceleration, making these some of the fastest and most maneuverable capital ships used by the Young Races. Like other vessels with gravity control technology, they can also generate tractor beams for capturing or towing other vessels.[3]

Possibly because of their speed, Centauri warcruisers are not particularly durable, and a squadron of Starfuries was once able to destroy one without capital ship support.[4] The ship in question, however, was a suicide drone that did not attempt to evade or return fire.

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