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Weyoun, a male Vorta
Eris, a female Vorta

The Vorta are an artificial humanoid species native to the Gamma Quadrant. They are the main administrators of the Dominion.


According to Vorta lore, a Founder fleeing persecution was hidden from its enemies by a member of a primitive simian species. In gratitude, the Founders used this species as the basis for the development of the Vorta. As this story was relayed by Weyoun, it's accuracy is doubtful[1].


Vorta are characterised by their unique ears, pale skin and blue eyes. Despite the existence of male and female Vorta, they do not reproduce sexually. Instead they are cloned from genetic templates; usually a new clone is created when his or her predecessor dies. The attrition rate among Vorta can be high, as the various incarnations of Weyoun had an average life expectancy measured in months.

Vorta have a poor sense of taste, but they possess excellent hearing[2]. Vorta also have a higher than average resistance to toxins. One Vorta showed limited telekinesis, though this ability was not seen again.[3] At least some Vorta have a "suicide switch" implanted or engineered into their spines at the neck, enabling them to sever their own spinal cords by pressing in a particular place.[4]


The Vorta serve as the administrative and military leadership of the Dominion. They are in charge of negotiations, daily administration of Dominion assets, and commanding the vessels of the Dominion fleet.

Like the Jem'Hadar they command, they possess an unwavering loyalty to the Founders, who they consider to be gods. A captured Vorta is expected to commit suicide immediately[5].


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