Utopia Planitia

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Utopia Planetia construction facilities

In the Star Trek universe, Utopia Planitia is the name of a Federation facility on Mars and its accompanying orbital "drydocks". It is named after the plains it is located in.

Utopia Colony

Utopia Planitia started as Utopia Colony[1], a Human settlement which grew out of early colonization efforts started before 2069[2]. By 2153, the colony had grown to include a hospital and a large weapons array used to deflect asteroids as part of a terraforming project[3].

Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards

Located in geosynchronous orbit over Utopia Planitia itself, the Fleet Yards are the Solar System's largest ship-building facility and the site of Starfleet's high-profile starship design projects. The Yards consist of various space stations and drydocks in a variety of sizes, as well as surface-based factories.

Both the Galaxy[4] and Defiant classes[5] were designed at Utopia Planitia.


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