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"We are all Kosh."




Vorlon Empire








Ulkesh Naranek was the Vorlon ambassador to Babylon 5, taking the post in 2260, after Kosh Naranek was assassinated by the Shadows. While Kosh had been something of a "Dove" in regard to the Young Races, Ulkesh was more of a "Hawk".

Ulkesh was far less sympathetic to the Young Races than Kosh, viewing them as foolish (and ultimately expendable) children who should just do as they were told. Furthermore, he blamed the leadership of Babylon 5 for the death of Kosh.

As the Vorlon ambassador, he did not consider himself an advisor: he considered himself a monitor on the activities of Sheridan's alliance. Since Sheridan had shifted the balance of power by destroying a Shadow population center on Zha'Ha'Dum, the Vorlons had moved to eradicate Shadow influence in the galaxy by destroying any planet where the Shadows had established a presence, even if they were population centers for the Young Races. Ulkesh reported on Sheridan's activities to make sure he didn't interfere in Vorlon operations.

Ulkesh was eventually lead into a trap by Lyta Alexander, where he was killed by the combined efforts of Babylon 5 security, Sheridan, and Lorien.


  • Ulkesh introduced himself as "Kosh" when he arrived on Babylon 5, and he gave no other name. The name "Ulkesh" comes from the novel, To Dream in the City of Sorrow.
  • According to J. Michael Straczynski, "Naranek" is a title, not a name. It's meaning is unknown.