USAF George Hammond

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The George Hammond orbiting Earth.

The USAF George Hammond (originally named the USAF Phoenix) was a Daedalus-class battlecruiser in 2009. Samantha Carter was to be given command of it after General Landry returned from Washington. It was named after Lieutenant General George S. Hammond who died in late 2008 of a heart attack[1]. A few months later, the George Hammond transported several people to Icarus Base and unsuccessfully tried to defend the base from attackers[2]. Several months later, the Hammond attacked a Lucian Alliance outpost where Dr. Nicholas Rush was being held. During the attack, the Lucian Alliance personnel dialed Destiny and escaped. The Hammond also escaped however 2 F-302s were lost[3].


  • Colonel Samantha Carter[4]
  • Major Kevin Marks[5]
  • Captain Dave Kleinman[6]



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