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The Apollo in orbit over Earth.

The USAF Apollo was a Daedalus-class battlecruiser built in 2006 and completed in 2007. It is under the command of Colonel Abraham Ellis. In 2007, it was tasked with defending Earth until the USAF Odyssey returned from the Alteran Home Galaxy[1]. Afterwards, it went to the Pegasus Galaxy to destroy the Asuran shipyards that were building a fleet of ships to attack Earth with. It successfully neutralized the fleet however, the Asurans quickly rebuilt and sent a satellite ship to destroy Atlantis with[2]. The Apollo took most of the nonessential Atlantis personnel with them when Atlantis went to M12-117, however it got there before Atlantis. Col Ellis ordered the Apollo to the nearest planet with a stargate to contact the Midway station[3]. The Apollo crew modified their sensors to have and increased range in order to reduce the number of hyperspace jumps down from 180,000 to 50. They found Atlantis and learned that Sheppard, McKay, Weir, and Ronon went to the M7R-227 to steal a Zero Point Module from the Replicators. They manage to get their in time to rescue Sheppard, McKay, and Ronon, but are unable to locate Dr. Weir. The Apollo stays in orbit for the next few weeks[4]. Later in 2008, the Apollo and Deadalus arrive to destroy the Asurans. It takes place in the Battle of Asuras[5]. It was later on Earth and it beamed an Earth made Human form Replicator into low orbit where it was incinerated[6]. In 2008, it delivered a Sakari seeding device to its intended target[7]. In early 2009, the Apollo and Sun Tzu were tasked with intercepting and destroying a ZPM Powered Hive Ship that was en route to Earth. Both the Apollo and Sun Tzu were crippled. The Apollo took on the Sun Tzu's crew after it started venting atmosphere[8]. The Apollo, Daedalus, and Sun Tzu were later repaired after the destruction of the ZPM Powered Hive Ship.


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