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A city surrounding a city-ship on the planet.

Asuras (also known as M7R-227) is the Asuran homeworld. It was originally an Ancient planet where the Ancients were working on nanites that would kill the Wraith. The nanites eventually became more complex and assumed the form of their creators. The planet was cleansed when the ancients figured that the Replicators were a failure. A few nanites managed to survive and rebuild Asuras. 10,000 years later, the Asurans were discovered by the Atlantis Expedition. In 2007, the Apollo nuked the planet with the Horizon weapons platform. However, the Asurans quicly rebuilt and retaliated. In 2008, the Atlantis Expedition, Wraith, and Travelers attacked the Asuran homeworld. McKay managed to destroy the Replicators by increasing the attraction of the nanite mass enough to attract the neutronium that was under the ground. The planet then exploded when the nanite mass reached the core.