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The symbol of Tzeentch

Tzeentch is the chaos god of change. Consequently, he is also the god of hope. He represents complex, power-hungry schemes and plots as well as benign plans to improve the lives of people throughout the galaxy. Among the chaos gods, he is the arch-rival of Nurgle.


The mortal followers of Tzeentch are generally driven by their own desires for change and progress, and they are prone to Machiavellian plotting. These in turn support the various plots of their patron. The forces of Tzeentch are less robust in direct combat than other chaos forces, but they often possess very powerful psionic abilities.

Those in service of Tzeench will inevitably find themselves caught up in an incomprehensible web of plots and plans, both of their own and of Tzeentch himself. It's not even known whether Tzeentch has any kind of long-term goals beyond keeping the galaxy changing.


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Followers of Nurgle

  • Daemons in the service of Tzeentch include Horrors, Discs, and Lords of Change.
  • Tzeentch is the patron of the Thousand Sons legion of Chaos Space Marines.

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