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The symbol of Slaanesh

Slaanesh (also known as The Prince of Excess, and known to the Eldar by various cryptic titles including The Great Enemy and She Who Thirsts) is the chaos god of pleasure, both simple and extreme, sublime and depraved. Slaanesh is the god of lust, joy, hedonism, sadism, artistry, and ecstasy. Widely regarded as the weakest of the chaos gods, Slaanesh is the arch-rival of Khorne.


Because of Slaanesh's special connection to the Eldar race (see below), Slaanesh is able to immediately consume the soul of any Eldar who dies without special protection. The Eldar who survived on Craftworlds developed Soul Stones to protect themselves from this fate.

Followers of Slaanesh are notable for their desire to savor every possible experience, including twisted sexual experiences, masochistic mutilation, and indulgence in addictive substances. They take in everything from every experience with joy: even death and defeat are relished.


Slaanesh was born out of the Fall of the Eldar civilization, when the majority of their population followed a downward spiral of decadent excesses to its bitter end. As they pursued ever more perverse pleasures, their psychic influence in the Warp coalesced into a powerful new consciousness. The awakening of this new chaos god sent shockwaves throughout the Warp, disrupting interstellar travel across the galaxy, ripping the boundary between the Warp and normal space asunder, and extinguishing the lives of most of the Eldar race in the blink of an eye. The lingering Warp disturbance known as the Eye of Terror is a legacy of this event.

Followers of Slaanesh

  • Daemons associated with Slaanesh including Daemonettes, Steeds of Slaanesh, and Keepers of Secrets.
  • Slaanesh is the patron of the Emperor's Children legion of Chaos Space Marines.

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