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Chaos Space Marines are Chaos-corrupted space marines, either from the nine legions which sided with Horus during the Horus Heresy or from a few chaos-corrupted chapters of former Loyalist Space marines. To the Imperium of Man and the Imperial Space Marines in particular, Chaos Space Marines are the ultimate traitors and the most reviled of enemies. Although all of the chaos legions are enemies of the Imperium, they are seldom allies of each other, and in fact the existence of the Imperium as a mutual enemy is the only thing that mitigates their constant infighting.

Most Chaos Space Marines spend much of their time in Warp-corrupted regions of the galaxy like the Eye of Terror, where time has little meaning. As a result, they are effectively ageless, and many benefit from thousands of years of experience in battle in addition to new recruits.

Chaos-specific Space Marine Categories

While in many respects Chaos Space Marines make use of the same weapons and methods as Loyalist Space Marines, lacking a few improvements in equipment developed by the Imperium in the ten thousand years since the Horus Heresy, there are a few distinctive types of warrior amongst the ranks of Chaos Space Marines.

  • Khorne Berzerkers-Khorne Berzerkers are Space Marines from the World Eaters Legion. Khorne Berzerkers are frenzied warriors armed with bolt pistols and chain axes who live to slaughter foes upon the battlefield in the name of Khorne. They are close quarters warriors, being barely able to fire point blank at their foes in their frenzied state.
  • Obliterators-Specific to the Iron Warriors Legion of Space Marines, Obliterators have been fused into their armor and have incorporated weapons into their bodies. They possess both long-range firepower and advanced close-combat weapons.
  • Plague Marines-Specific to the Death Guard Legion of Space Marines, Plague Marines have been consumed by the diseases of Nurgle and are armed with weapons which spread these plagues in battle, making even the slightest cut from their weapons a deadly risk.
  • Possessed Space Marines-Possessed Space Marines are Chaos Space Marines who have been possessed by various daemons, giving them even greater strength and resilience.
  • Sorcerers-Sorcerers are the Chaos Space Marine equivalent of Librarians, using their psychic abilities to channel energy from the Warp for a variety of supernatural effects. Among them are some of the most formidable psykers in the Warhammer universe. In some cases Sorcerers lead forces of chaos marines.

In addition to these, there are categories of Chaos Space Marines with direct analogues among loyalist forces (Raptors equating to assault marines)

Chaos Space Marine-specific Vehicles

  • Defilers-Defilers are Daemonically possessed war machines