Tusken Raider

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a Tusken Raider armed with a "gaderffi stick"

Tusken Raiders (often called "Sand People") are humanoid nomads native to the planet Tatooine in Star Wars. They dwell in primitive villages and ride banthas for transportation. Their exact appearance is unknown, as they wrap themselves in strips of cloth, wear protective goggles, and breathe through some kind of respirator... all presumably to protect themselves from the arid environment of Tatooine. They arm themselves with bladed clubs called "gaderffi sticks", firearms, and blasters (which appear to be the only advanced technological devices they use).

Tusken Raiders are widely feared by other residents of Tatooine. They presumably live by stealing most of what they need from human and Jawa settlements. They take prisoners, but they do not attempt to ransom them; they apparently just torment their captives until they die from the maltreatment.

Threat Assessment

While dangerous to civilian residents of Tatooine, the Tusken Raiders have no interplanetary or interstellar transportation. They would be a nuisance to any force attempting to control Tatooine, but they could not really pose a threat to any interstellar civilization.