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The Career description doesn't seem consistent with Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which indicates he was a Captain in the Mon Calamari armed forces during the Clone Wars. He may have ended up as Tarkin's slave at some point, but I don't know when that would be, and he certainly had previous military experience. --Ted C 10:27, 23 July 2014 (EDT)

  • If there was information about his career before his planet was enslaved as part of the Imperial occupation I was not aware of that. If you want to add it fine but I was working with his Rebel Alliance backstory. His rescue as part of Tarkin's personnel pool is what I was referring to. Previous work in the Mon Calamari Navy would explain how he was able to rise in the ranks as quickly as he did and be able to manage shipyard production. --Isolder74 10:54, 23 July 2014 (EDT)