Star Kingdom of Manticore

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The Star Kingdom of Manticore is a Nation in the Honorverse. It is the home nation of the Titular charecter of the Honor Harrington series of books.


The Star Kingdom of Manticore is primarally based out of the Binary Manticore System, which has three habitable planets (Manticore, Sphinx and Gryphon) as well as having control of Medusa (although it had no major presence their besides a few customs offices). After the Havenite War, several more systems became part of the Star Kingdom of Manticore. The Population of the Star Kingdom is in the low billions.

Among the most important assets of the Star Kingdom are several wormholes in the Manticore system which allow for instantanious intersteller travel. This makes Manticore a major shipping center as well as generating large amounts of revenue through tariffs. Because of this Wealth, Manticore has a very large military for its size.


  • Royal Manticoran Navy
  • Royal Manitcoran Army
  • Royal Manticoran Marine Corps

Threat Assesment

As of the beginning of the first Havenite War, the Royal manticoran navy had a fleet including some 188 Dreadnoughts and 121 Dreadnoughts.

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