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The Honorverse refers to a series of military science fiction Novels by David Weber.


The Honorverse is set in a world roughly 2,000 years in the future in which humanity has expanded out into the stars with various human civilizations fighting with one another. Sapient Aliens have been discovered, although all at pre-industrial levels of development. The main events revolve around the affairs of the Star Kingdom of Manticore and a series of conflicts and wars with the People's Republic of Haven (and latter, the Republic of Haven) and specifically, that of Royal Manticoran Navy officer Honor Harrington.

Honorverse technology

Honorverse drive technology is somewhat unusual, using artificial gravity fields known as Impeller Wedges for acceleration. Said Drives create an effectively impenetrable field above and below the craft. They can also protect the sides of their ship using sidewalls, less robust versions of the Impeller Wedge able to destroy any matter which comes through it and disrupts directed energy (such as fire from Directed-energy weapons) to a lesser degree are created on the sides of a ship, these ar known as sidewalls. Honorverse warships accelerate at rates between 400 and 650 gravities with missiles capable of speeds at rates around 80,000 gravities.

The primary spacecraft weapons of the Honorverse are Grasers and missiles equipped with X-Ray Pumped warheads launched in massive salvos. Honorverse star naval combat generally takes place at ranges between 300,000 kilometers and several million kilometers, with long range missile duels and short range energy knife fights.

The Honorverse on SD.net

The Honorverse is fairly well known among the military science fiction community and verses debates involving Honorverse powers such as the Star Kingdom of Manticore or the People's Republic of Haven or Honorverse warships are fairly common. While not being able to stand up to the like of major Star Wars factions, the major powers in the Honorverse will perform well against factions such as the United Federation of Planets or the main Babylon 5 (series) powers.

While appreciated for space combat and world building, the Honor Harrington series of Novels is often criticized for its political positions and character interactions (most notably the Titalure protagonist generally being classified Mary Sue).

Honorverse Novels

Honor Harrington Series

  • On Basilisk Station
  • The Honor of the Queen
  • The Short Victorious War
  • Field of Dishonor
  • Flag in Exile
  • Honor Among Enemies
  • In Enemy Hands
  • Echoes of Honor
  • Ashes of Victory
  • War of Honor
  • At All Costs

Other Honorverse books

  • More than Honor
  • Worlds of Honor
  • Changer of Worlds
  • The Service of the Sword
  • Wages of Sin
  • Torch of Freedom
  • The Shadow of Saganami
  • Storm from the Shadows