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A Robotic Arm for an automobile assembly line

A robot is a mechanical device capable of interacting with it's enviroment to perform predetermined physical activities. Unlike androids, robots need not be anthropomorphic. The field of science, engineering and technology dedicated to robots is known as robotics.

The word robot in it's modern sense was first coined by writer Karel Čapek in his play RUR and was derived from the Czech word for serf labor. Today, robots are used in a variety of roles, including numerous applications in manufacturing, basic housework such as vacuuming, and as toys and novelty items. Various military forces are developing military robots.

Real-life Robots

  • Foster-Miller TALON
  • HRP-4C
  • Big Dog
  • The Crusher
  • Roomba

Robots in Science Fiction

WALL-E, a prime example of a fictional Robot

Robots have played a big part in science fiction for most of the twentieth century and often play a focal part. Robots in science fiction frequently possess artificial intelligence.

In military science fiction, combat robots often play a role in battle. The battle droids of Star Wars are prime examples.

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