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The symbol of Nurgle

Nurgle is the chaos god of decay. In his more malign aspect, he is a spreader of disease, rot, and corruption. In his more benign aspect, he is a fertility god who brings new life from death and makes way for new generations to replace the old. Among the chaos gods, he is the arch-rival of Tzeentch.


As the overlord of disease, Nurgle has various warp-based plagues at his disposal, most notably Nurgle's Rot. His followers and those who die of his plagues bolster the strength of Nurgle. Many weapons carried by the followers of Nurgle spread these plagues, often making even a minor cut a death sentence.

Nurgle's power and influence compared to that of the other Chaos Gods waxes and wanes in unpredictable cycles.

Nurgle is notable for the fact that, unlike the other chaos gods, he unconditionally loves all of his followers, even if they fail. While followers of other chaos gods will often be horribly punished for failure, a Nurglite would not be. However, they are also uniformly subjected to various painful and debilitating diseases.


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Followers of Nurgle

  • Daemons in the service of Nurgle include Nurglings, Beasts of Nurgle, Plaguebearers, and Great Unclean Ones.
  • Nurgle is the patron of the Death Guard legion of Chaos Space Marines.

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