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A moderator is a trusted SDN member given minor administrative powers over a newsgroup or forum within SDN.

Moderators are tasked with insuring threads and posts within the forum follow the Rules of SDN. Violators are often removed to the Hall of Shame (aka HOS). To perform their duties, Moderators have the power to remove, delete, split and/or lock threads and posts that have violated the Rules of SDN.

Moderators are above Mini-Mod, but below SuperModerator and Admin.

Forum Mods

Admiral Valdemar News & Politics

Beowulf Artwork, Music and Photos

Edi Off Topic

Frank Hipper About Relationships & Sex Education Off Topic

Keevan_Colton Gaming and Computers News & Politics

LadyTevar About Relationships & Sex Education

Lagmonster Gaming and Computers About Relationships & Sex Education

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Hall of Shame mods)

Admiral Valdemar