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Moderator of ARSE and Mother Superior ((Mini-Mod))of Knights Astrum Clades

Wife of SirNitram and WhiteMage

Member of SOS:NBA, Cult of the Kitten: Mew, Brotherhood of the Monkey, and Queen of the BlackMages, Governor of the Imperial Senate

Nicknames : LadyT, Tevar, Tev, Kat


LadyTevar is one of the over-30 crowd of SDN, born in the 70s, grown up in the 80s, married and divorced in the 90s.

Tevar met Nitram in an AOL RPG in Spring 1999 as her second long-term relationship was going bad. In October 2000, they met for the first time, and started a long-distance romance between West Virginia and Connecticutt. After many visits, Nitram moved in with Tevar in early 2003, introducing her to SDN. Nitram finally convinced her to marry him, and they were wed April 17, 2004.

Tevar is still not quite sure how she wound up a Mini-Mod, but believes it has a lot to do with Nitram, and the fact that she tends to volunteer to help out when needed. How she wound up first a Moderator and then an Admin on the Librium Arcana forum seems to be a April Fools Prank that never got reversed. Obviously, SDN had more decorum in admitting Moderators.


SirNitram and LadyTevar have two cats, who do act more or less as familiars.

StarKitty is Nitram's kitty, skinny and scared of her shadow, but adorably cute and loving to Nitram only.

TevKitty is Tevar's kitty, fat and sassy and loudmouthed as her mommy. TevKitty is also very demanding of cuddles and adores flirting with male visitors (comparisons to her mommy are not required).