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The Angelfish of Doom

Warcruiser is the term consistently used to refer to these powerful warships throughout the Babylon 5 series. Size comparison of Minbari warcruisers to Babylon 5 itself indicate that there are at least two different sizes of warcruiser that are otherwise visually indistinguishable; one is no more than 800 meters in height, and the other is no less than 1300 meters in height. The secondary source B5 Wars also recognizes the existence of two different classes of Minbari warcruiser that are identical at a glance, one much larger than the other; it names them the Sharlin-class and the Shargoti-class.

Scan/intel data on a small Minbari Warcruiser


Although Minbari warcruisers reportedly carry multi-megaton missiles, they have exclusively used high-powered beam weapons (described as "fusion lasers" and "neutron cannons") in every observed battle. These beams are capable of blasting all the way through an EarthForce cruiser in less than a second, indicating that they deliver hundreds of terawatts of firepower. Warcruisers also have launch facilities and carry fighters for support.

Warcruisers are not substantially more durable than other Young Race warships, as demonstrated by the amount of damage the Grey Council’s ship took when the EAS Prometheus fired on it in “In the Beginning”. Their primary defense is the stealth technology that keeps them from being hit at all rather than armor or shielding that resists damage.

The command center of a Minbari warcruiser is a largely empty room with holographic equipment for displaying data from the ship's sensors, giving the ship's commanders a panoramic, three-dimensional view of surrounding space. The room also has communications gear, allowing the occupants to issue orders to direct an entire fleet in a large battle.

Known Minbari Warcruisers