Earth Alliance Heavy Cruiser

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The obsolete EarthForce warship

The Earth Alliance heavy cruiser is an Earth Alliance warship in service since before the Earth-Minbari War, although relatively few remain in the Earth Alliance fleet by 2258. They are often called Hyperion-class, since the first such ship seen in the series was called the Hyperion. Although it is unproven (and unlikely) that the Hyperion was the first ship of this class, secondary sources (including the B5Wars game) ran with the name.

Technical Data

  • An EarthForce heavy cruiser is armed with at least three pulse cannon turrets on the dorsal side of the ship that can function in an interceptor role. The ship also has a forward-bearing pulse cannon battery on the dorsal side of the bow. Some heavy cruisers also carried forward-bearing beam weapons on the port and starboard sides of the ship. It is not clear what, if any, ventral weapons the ship carries.
  • A heavy cruiser carries at least one squadron of Starfuries for support.
  • A heavy cruiser is substantially smaller than an Omega-class destroyer. Casual inspection puts them at about half the length of the Omega-class, and generally less massive.
  • A heavy cruiser has jump engines.
  • Heavy cruisers lack artificial gravity of any kind; the crew must strap themselves into their seats during combat operations.

Known Ships

  • EAS Aegean
  • EAS Amundsen
  • EAS Clarkstown
  • EAS Hyperion
  • EAS Lexington
  • EAS Prometheus
  • EAS Trafalgar