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The symbol of Khorne

Khorne is the chaos god of war. Khorne represents violence, fury, rage, bloodlust, and anger, but he also represents fighting skill, courage, dedication, and martial honor. Khorne is widely regarded as the most powerful of the chaos gods and is the arch-rival of Slaanesh.


The primary feature of Khorne, Khorne's daemons, and mortal followers of Khorne is their fierce craving for combat. Khornite warriors revel in death and destruction, worshipping their god by killing in his name. Khorne's followers are often fearless berzerkers, as dying in battle only spills more blood in the name of their god. Followers of Khorne will often turn on each other if there are no other enemies available, fighting and killing each other to continue their worship and curry favor with their patron. Khornites, however, do not take pleasure in causing unnecessary suffering while slaying their foes, such sadism being in the domain of Slaanesh.

Khornite powers are typically straightforward and direct, relating to durability and direct destructive power, usually in close quarters.


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Followers of Khorne

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