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Feminism refers to a group of political ideologies and movements based around promotion of social and political equality of human females in society. Pre-industrial civilization had considerable levels of institutionalized sexism and was male-dominated. Emerging from egalitarian ideals that arose in the Age of Enlightenment, feminism began as a political movement around the mid 19th century CE and scored major victories in the 20th century. Feminism has largely been successful in the developed world, enfranchising the female portion of the citizenry of such nations, opening up career opportunities, and instilling a greater degree of prominence and respect for women. That said, sexism is far from eliminated, especially in less-developed parts of the world, and there are movements that seek to reverse feminist progress.

Sub Movements of Feminism

As feminism started off as a variety of movements in different regions and had to address different cultural traditions, there have naturally been numerous ideologies led by various thinkers. Feminist thought has also evolved in response to new scenarios in specific areas.

There are a few radical fringe movements of feminism as well. Such a development was inevitable, given the scale and diversity that exists within feminism.

Feminism on SD.net

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