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The Galactic Emperor, also known as the Emperor, is the autocratic ruler of the Galactic Empire.


The Empire, before it's inital defeat at Endor, had one Emperor during its existence. Supreme Chancellor Palpatine declared himself Emperor following an assassination attempt by the Jedi Order, who had discovered he was the Sith Lord who had orchestrated the entire Clone Wars. Within twenty years, he was able to disband the Senate completely, granting regional governors sufficient authority to manage the Empire in his name. With his death at the Battle of Endor, the Empire collapsed, but a portion of it remains in the form of the First Order.


The Emperor is the head of state, the head of government, and the commander-in-chief of the Empire, and has absolute authority over the Imperial Military, the bureaucracy, and the entire Empire and sectors itself. The Emperor has sole power to appoint, dismiss, approve, and supervise the regional governors. The Emperor organizes and declares the budget, economy, taxes, and trade, ordered the Imperial Senate into session before it's dissolution, dismissed it from meeting at will, declared it's agenda, and proposed, rejected, and initated all Senatorial bills. The Emperor also controls, supervises, and can disband the Courts and had the final judicial say.

The Emperor can execute, imprison, exile or banish, or confiscate anyone or anything. The Emperor can also issue executive orders, proclamations, and laws with the full force of law in the Empire. The Emperor supervises, controls, appoints, and dismisses all officials in the government, and creates, disbands, supervises, and administers all governmental administrations, agencies, commissions, and boards.


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