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The First Order is a faction in the Star Wars galaxy formed from the remains of the Galactic Empire.


The First Order appears to be a military dictatorship under the control of Supreme Leader Snoke. So far, only its military personnel, starships, and facilities have been shown.


The First Order appears to have much in common with its predecessor, the Empire. First Order technology is essentially stagnant, but they already possess technology enabling real-time interstellar communications, trans-galactic travel in a matter of hours, advanced weapons, shields capable of protecting entire planets, and obscene power resources. The most notable innovation of the First Order is Starkiller Base, a planet-sized superweapon capable of destroying multiple planets in a star system from interstellar range.

Presumably a small percentage of citizens living under the rule of the First Order have some degree of sensitivity to the Force.


The extent of the First Order's territory is unknown, but it is presumably far less than the twelve million member and conquered worlds of the Empire.

Threat Assessment

The First Order is presumably a lesser threat than the Galactic Empire due to its smaller size, but it would still be a threat to civilizations on a galactic scale. First Order resources include the following: