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Fantasy Dwarf

Dwarves are a race common in fantasy fiction. They are based off of mythological creatures of Norse origin.


Dwarves are generally short and squat humanoids, about 1 to 1.2 meters tall, that are somewhat stronger and more durable than humans and usually live longer (300 years is fairly common). Dwarves typically live underground, generally acting as miners and metalworkers reknowned for their skill in craftsmanship. Male Dwarves generally have long beards and, in many depictions, Dwarves have little sexual dimorphism, including females having facial hair. Typically, dwarvish soldiers are heavily armored infantry armed with battle axes.

In settings where dwarves are present, they are often the most technologically advanced society.

Examples of Dwarves

  • JRR Tolkien's Middle Earth Universe established most of the details of modern depictions of Dwarves.
  • Dwarves are present in Discworld, in which many of the features of Dwarves are explored and deconstructed.