Dominion battleship

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View from the front
View from the rear

A Dominion battleship is a large warship built by the Dominion.


A Dominion battleship is approximately twice the size of a Federation Galaxy-class starship, making it roughly 1200m in length. It is also approximately three times as powerful as the Galaxy-class, making it one of the most formidable warships ever seen in Star Trek.[1]

The ship's armament includes phased polaron beams and torpedoes of an unspecified design.

Achilles' Heel?

According to a Federation probe, the battleship's antimatter storage tanks are held in place by braces made of "viterium", a material that decomposes when exposed to "delta radiation". The USS Valiant attempted to exploit this weakness to destroy a Dominion battleship, but their improvised "delta radiation" torpedo had no effect.[2]


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