Delta Flyer

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The Delta Flyer under construction
The Delta Flyer preparing to go to Warp


The Delta Flyer is a large combat shuttlecraft built from scratch by Tom Paris while the USS Voyager was stranded in the distant Delta Quadrant. It is the closest thing in the Star Trek Universe to a dedicated starfighter, other than the Maquis vessels later used by Star Fleet in that role. He built the ship with the help of Ensign Kim and Seven of Nine, using parts available in the ship's shuttlebay and from its replicators. Two versions of this vessel were constructed, the second after the first was destroyed.


The Delta Flyer is armed with two "photonic" missiles, twin pulse phasers, and at least three standard phaser emitters. The ship also has "parametallic hull plating" and "unimatrix shielding". Most of the ship's weapon systems were designed and built by Tom Paris, with some help from Seven of Nine. It also seems to have some minor stealth capabilities, as the craft -- depending on the enemy -- can avoid detection until it engages a target.

Tom designed the controls to use manual steering devices inspired by his holodeck simulation of Captain Proton. While others of the crew complained about the control system, Paris preferred the feel of those controls. To appease other pilots, the second version of the ship was fitted with the standard Starfleet controls.

The ship performs extremely well in combat.