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The Bajoran city of Ashalla.

Bajor is an independent planet that lies near the borders of the United Federation of Planets and the Cardassian Union.


Bajor only recently became an independent political entity following decades of Cardassian occupation. Consequently, its political structures are rudimentary and unstable. The so-called Provisional Government is lead by an elected first minister who serves a six-year term; various government functions are overseen by additional ministers. Bajor's security is provided by the Militia, a military force comprised mainly of former resistance cells. Bajoran religion revolves around worship of the Prophets, mysterious beings that dwell in the Bajoran Wormhole.


Bajorans are physically indistinguishable from humans except for small ridges around the bridge of the nose.


Bajor controls no territory outside its own star system. A Bajoran colony was briefly established in the Gamma Quadrant, but it was abandoned following a Dominion attack.


Bajor has an exceptionally old civilization dating back tens of thousands of years, but not one that embraced technological development. The Bajorans achieved spaceflight in the 16th century but did not seem interested in developing this skill; first-generation spacecraft were still in use four centuries later. This slow development made the planet an easy target for the Cardassian Union, who forcibly occupied the planet in 2328. The occupation lasted for nearly four decades before Bajoran terrorist activity convinced the Cardassians that the planet simply wasn't worth the effort required to maintain order.

Strategic Importance

Bajor rose to galactic importance when a stable wormhole was discovered in their star system. This wormhole provided a rapid transit path from the Alpha Quadrant to the Gamma Quadrant, bringing the Alpha Quadrant powers into contact with the Dominion and triggering the Dominion War. Control of the wormhole was critical to both sides in the war.

Threat Assessment

Bajor itself possesses only rudimentary armed forces. Bajoran fleet assets consist of only a handful of vessels, many of them converted freighters and outdated system patrol ships.

In an alternate timeline, Bajor became an expansionist power after winning independence from the Cardassian Union (TNG "Parallels").

Notable Bajorans