Bajoran wormhole

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Bajoran wormhole

The Bajoran Wormhole was a wormhole that connected the Alpha Quadrant to the Gamma Quadrant in Star Trek. It was the only known wormhole that had two stable entry/exit points. Its strategic importance was a central feature of the Star Trek series Deep Space Nine.


The Bajoran Wormhole was inhabited by aliens known to the Bajorans as the Prophets. The Prophets experience time differently from humanoids, allowing them to see past, present, and future events simultaneously.

Strategic Importance

As the only means of travelling between the Gamma Quadrant and Alpha Quadrant in less than several decades, the Bajoran Wormhole was a critical choke point in the Dominion War. The Dominion had superior military assets in the Gamma Quadrant, but they could not bring those assets to bear while the Federation controlled the Alpha Quadrant end of the wormhole.


Some Trekkies have tried to diminish the strategic importance of the Bajoran Wormhole in order to claim that the fleets of hundreds of starships used in military actions aimed at controlling it represented small side fleets instead of the bulk of the fleet assets available to the combatants.