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1337n1nj4 (a horribly bastardized way of spelling "Elite Ninja") was a relatively unremarkable troll, who had made a variety of idiotic arguments over the years, eventually getting himself a Village Idiot title. He would likely have gradually faded away in the memory of SD.net, if not for the unique nature of his departure.

This came during a thread where members were posting their body measurements. During the thread 1337n1nj4 claimed to have an even bigger chest than Mariusz Pudzianowski, the then-reigning World's Strongest Man. Naturally the other members didn't believe this, and demanded photographic proof from 1337n1nj4, who refused to do so, saying that he didn't give a shit if anyone believed him. After further taunting, he threw a hissy fit and demanded that his account be deleted, eventually threatening to post spam all over the board if his wishes were not granted. Darth Wong then made a counter-threat, saying that he would post 1337n1nj4's e-mail address if he carried out his threat.

To try and conceal his address, 1337n1nj4 then went into his user preferences and changed his e-mail address to "fuck@off.com" ... and accidentally banned himself. When a user changes their e-mail, their account is de-activated until they reply to a confirmation e-mail sent to their new address, which was of course now impossible to do. Nevertheless, Darth Wong had the final word in the debate; he still had 1337n1nj4's e-mail address from the backup copy of the board database, and so posted it anyway.