A Critique of RSA's Website

by Mike Blackburn (aka "Master of Ossus")


"The 1.02 GIgawatt Fallacy"
"The Alderaan Planetary Shield Falsehood"
"See Star Trek Kick Asteroids in “Rise”"
"See Star Wars get its Asteroids Kicked"
"The Base Delta Zero Falsehood"
"Blaster Firepower"
"Correcting Misconceptions about the Borg, Projectile Weapons, and the Holodeck"
"Correcting Misconceptions about “Balance of Terror”"
"Cloaking Technology"
"The Death Star Firepower Falsehood"
"Ground Combat in Star Trek"
"Phasers vs Lightsabres"
"Star Trek: Nemesis"
"The Neutronium Hull Falsehood"
"Photon Torpedo Shielding"
"The “Survivors” Falsehood"
"Star Wars Weapons Range and Targeting"
"The AT-ST, an Imperial “Armored vehicle”"
"Federation starship power generation capabilities"
"The Truth about Warp Maneuvering and Warp Strafing"
"The X-Wing Firepower Falsehood"



[Editor's note: I have added numerous notes and additions to this critique, always surrounded by square brackets and indicated in this green colour. I also added pictures where appropriate, so you could see what he's talking about. Note that the florid, inflammatory page titles are not an attempt to exaggerate or make RSA look like more of a jack-ass than he is; these are actually the titles he uses on his main index page as of the beginning of 2003. Everything is supposedly a "fallacy" or a "falsehood", even when the only thing he can find wrong with it is that it uses Lucasfilm's continuity policy rather than his own]