I leave it to the readers to determine the correctness of Mr. Anderson's different claims. Some of them are undoubtedly accurate, but I feel quite strongly as if I have demonstrated the vast majority of Anderson's claims, as depicted in his website, are inaccurate and mistaken at best. At worst, they are downright dishonest and intentionally deceitful. Mr. Anderson's website doubtless contains a multitude of additional errors that I was not wise enough or dedicated enough to catch properly, and no doubt readers will find many additional errors in his page. While this rebuttal is intended to be definitive, it is also by no means complete. It was never meant to be complete. I feel that it has accomplished its goal of crippling Anderson's credibility, and only by altering his tactics and his evidence will he be able to regain respect from anyone on the internet.

Mr. Anderson will undoubtedly come up with a response to this attack on his credibility. It will likely employ many of the same tactics he has consistently used during the time in which I have been debating against him, and that he used during his debate with Darth Wong. It will probably appear on the surface to defeat a great number of my criticisms of his web page. I will leave it to the reader to examine the evidence laid out here and in Mr. Anderson's inevitable response to determine which of us is more correct. Of course, Anderson will probably simply pass this portion of the page off as simple grandstanding, but I seek no glory in doing this. I hope only to make the mistakes in Mr. Anderson's work even more obvious than they already are, and to demonstrate to others the inadequacies of his webpage.

I thank all of you who have read this critique, in full or in part, and all of the people who have helped to make this possible. Going through Mr. Anderson's site has been analogous to taking an unguided tour of the Winchester Mystery House. It has been "like walking through the mind of a schizophrenic," as one commentator reflected. I can only hope that through my work you—the reader—will be better able to differentiate between reason and madness, and that you will strive to apply what you have learned to both your future discussions and to your lives.

Master of Ossus

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