Photon Torpedo Shielding

This is actually a reasonable page by Mr. Anderson. It is difficult to understand, otherwise, what the "glowing torpedo syndrome" could be caused by, though it is clear that it is some sort of intentionally designed energy shielding built around the torpedo. Some of the evidence is a bit shaky, such as the "no one has ever tried to shoot down a torpedo" claim, which was followed closely by an explanation of how the older torpedoes do not glow, although they have similarly never been fired on. His overall conclusion, however, is probably correct.

[Editor's note: it does seem odd, however, that he would make a big deal out of it or claim that the idea has been met with "flame and ridicule", since everyone else has been saying it for years. The burrowing and star-penetration incidents have been used by Trekkies to claim photorp shielding since the early 1990's, and I don't recall any of the major debaters ever putting up a serious fight against the idea]

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