The Grand Index to the DrakaFic Universe

What follows is our attempt to chronicle the Great Drakian War, which consumed the world in its fires from 1940 to well into the 1950s, in which millions died, cities were vaporized in an instant, and large swathes of land were rendered uninhabitable for generations by persistent chemical and biological weapons.

The Writer's Bible (very much still a progress in work; this has been what I've been working on for quite some time; -Shep)

Timeline of the Drakaficverse

The Maps
The Kavkaz Front (Caucasus), May 22, 1940
The Central Asian Front - April 1942
The Drakian Advance Into Italy, September 1941 to August 1942

The Games
Steel Panthers WW2/MBT Mod (Currently In Development)

The Stories

Miscellaneous Writers

Tears of Saint Michael (Unfinished) by Cavalier
March of the Volunteers (Unfinished) by Ye
Cuchulainn’s Hounds (Incomplete) by ATMahan
The Al Aqaba Roundtable (Complete) by Pablo Sanchez

The Duchess'

A Conversation (Complete)
The Reichstag Address (Complete)
The Award (Complete)
Riding with the Red Guard (Incomplete)
Across the Marco Polo Bridge (Complete)
The Charge (Completed)
Anatomy of a Disaster: The Prut Campaign (Complete)
Fire on the Waters (Incomplete)
In the Heart of the Storm (Incomplete)
Araby (Complete)
The Communist International (Incomplete)

The Norseman

The Soviet Declaration of War on the Dominate of Drakia (Complete)
The Early Propaganda War 1938-1941
Blood is Thicker Than Water (Complete)
Two Stars over Astrakhan (In Progress)
Mission to Moscow (Complete)
A Journey Through the Dominate (In Progress)


NOTE: I will be re-writing most of my stories to conform with later canon; to this point, Night of the Superforts is going to be changed dramatically from a bombing raid on South Africa to attacking North Africa. The originals are presented here, for the purist and completist in all of us.

Night of the Superforts (The Original) (Complete)
Operation Noah's Hammer (The Original) (Complete)
The Yanks are Coming! (In Progress)
VVS Medal Regulations put forth by Ivan Krasnov (Complete)
The Great Patriotic War (Complete) (Original Version)


Caribbean Beat
Sweet and Honorable