The Award
Duchess of Zeon

Hitler, Adolph

Rank: Unterfeldwebel (Sergeant)
Unit: 1st Bn., 16th Bavarian "List" Regiment.

Campaign: Po Valley
Age: approx. 52
Nationality: Bavarian
Unit: 1st Bn., 16th Bavarian "List" Regiment.

Deed: On 12 March 1942, at a position on the old roman road south of Bologna, Unterfeldwebel Hitler assumed command of his platoon upon the wounding of his officer while the platoon was taking heavy fire from a machine-gun emplacement to the west of the road. Rallying men whos units had become disorganized under the intense fire, he directed an attack up-hill against that emplacement, of four heavy machine-guns, that was raking the advancing 16th Bavarian.

Unterfeldwebel Hitler was wounded twice in the advance against the machine-gun emplacement, but continued to lead such men as survived against the Drakian position, placing himself in the greatest danger as the emplacement was stormed and taken with grenades and the bayonet. Unterfeldwebel Hitler refused to be evacuated to the rear despite his wounds and led those men who were able to fight in establishing a defence of the position and dealing with the wounded enemy who continued to resist. The machine-guns were turned around and directed against enemy positions within range.

The enemy, realizing the loss of their unit and with it a critical area of high ground, called down an artillery bombardment on the position, wounding all men defending it, including inflicting a third wound on Unterfeldwebel Hitler; he remained the only man able to defend the position, which shortly came under attack by a company-sized Drakian force.

Firing each machine-gun in short bursts to conserve ammunition and throwing grenades while moving from gun to gun, Unterfeldwebel Hitler created the illusion of a much larger defending force. In this manner, he successfully held the position until relieved.

Unterfeldwebel Hitler was then evacuated on the direct order of an officer of his battalion to receive medical treatment for his wounds, from which he is still recuperating.

Recommendation: Unterfeldwebel Hitler is recommended for the Iron Cross, First Class, due to his exceptional gallantry and fortitude in the forestated action, and the Silver Wound Badge for receiving three injuries in that same action.