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A group of World Devastators attacking the water planet Mon Calamari

The World Devastator was a type of superweapon designed by Umak Leth and used by the reborn Emperor Palpatine. Key to the World Devastator's design is that it can consume large quantities of matter and use it as fuel or as a production resource[1].

Physical Description

As the World Devastator is capable of modifying and upgrading itself, no two units are alike in appearance or size. It consists of an angular primary hull containing a molecular furnace, production facilities, TIE fighter hangars and massive landing claws, suspended above the ground by repulsorlifts.

Although fitted with a variety of weapons, including turbolasers and proton torpedo launchers[2], the World Devastator's primary means of planetary destruction is a molecular furnace, fed by tractor beams and capable of deconstructing any matter it consumes. This matter can then be used to repair and expand the vessel, fuel its reactors or construct new vehicles, ranging in size from fighters to capital ships or even new World Devastators, provided sufficient resources are available. Given sufficient time, a fleet of World Devastators can consume an entire planet.

A World Devastator's actions are coordinated by a droid brain. The vessel itself is highly automated, requiring only a skeleton crew to operate.


Following an initial deployment in the Border Regions[3], the World Devastators fought their first major battle at Mon Calamari, proving to be a nigh-unstoppable force. The vessels were capable of withstanding attacks from various fighters and an Imperial-class Star Destroyer before succumbing to internal sabotage, as a computer virus caused the World devastators to turn on each other.


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