USS Equinox

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The USS Equinox was a Nova-class starship in the 2370s. It was transported into the Delta Quadrant like Voyager. In its first week in the Delta Quadrant, it was attacked by the Krowtowan Guard resulting in the deaths of 39 crew members. It spent the next few years travelling through the Delta Quadrant taking more damage. Eventually the crew found a race that was able to use a piece of technoogy that could summon aliens. The Equinox crew took the device and began harvesting the aliens for fuel. The aliens got pissed and started attacking the Equinox. Eventually, it was found and rescued by Voyager. The Voyager crew soon learned of the actions of the Equinox crew and Janeway went on a rampage after Ranson. The ship would eventually self-destruct and what remained of the crew made part of Voyager's crew.