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I have altered the text which made the statement that at no point in Trek's 28 years has an election been mentioned - it was mentioned in Home Front (DS9), the transcript is available here: or for viewing on youtube.

I have also added a little information on Section 31 as some of the wording seemed vague.

Edited the section stating that the Council itself elects the President - this has not been mentioned on screen and thus I have changed the wording to say it is not clear either way.

- PU.

I'm a little curious. Where in TNG's "The Neutral Zone" does either Picard or Crusher express ignorance of capitalism or free market economy?


Please feel free to point it out to me from the Chakoteya transcript as the closest I could find is when Picard is dismayed at Offenhouse's desire for power.

As for not understanding how such things work, Dr. Crusher and Riker seem to have no problems while at Farpoint Station:

RIKER: Hello, Wes. Enjoying Farpoint Station?
WESLEY: Yes, sir.
RIKER: I saw you. I thought I might join you for a stroll.
CRUSHER: Actually, we were about to do some shopping.
RIKER: I've been meaning to visit the mall myself.
CRUSHER: Of course.
WESLEY: If you're wondering about Mom, Commander Riker, she's not unfriendly. She's just shy around men she doesn't know.
CRUSHER: Wesley! I believe that means he would like us to be friends.
RIKER: I'm willing, Doctor. Although we're not officially part of the Enterprise, I thought there might be something useful we can do while we wait.
CRUSHER: Useful? How, Commander?
RIKER: Investigating some things that I've noticed since I've been here. The last was a piece of fruit.
CRUSHER: (examining a bolt of cloth) Gold would be lovely with this. I am sure, Commander, there are reasons for a first officer to want to demonstrate his energy and alertness to a new captain. But since my duty and interests are outside the command structure
(Suddenly the bolt of cloth has a gold pattern on it)
RIKER: Isn't it remarkable they happen to have exactly what you asked for?
CRUSHER: Thank you. I'll take the entire bolt. Send it to our starship when it arrives. Charge to Doctor Crusher.
(they walk away from the stall)

So the concept of going to a mall for shopping isn't unknown to them, nor the idea of having an account of some sort that Crusher can use to pay the Bandi salesman for his goods and services.--Mike 03:07, 4 October 2011 (EDT)

  • In "The Neutral Zone", Offenhouse asked Dr. Crusher to tell him the cost of any treatment before proceeding. She was baffled by the question.
OFFENHOUSE: I demand to know the cost of anything you do before the procedure is approved.
BEVERLY: I have no idea what you're talking about.
Presumably, the Federation has had universal healthcare for so long that the idea of someone paying her for a procedure was completely foreign to her. Later, Offenhouse asked for use of a comm system so he could check on his investments, and Picard seemed as confused by that question as Beverly was about the treatment costs. Clearly they can comprehend the use of currency for exchanges of goods, but the concept of "capital" is outside their experience.
--Ted C 09:53, 4 October 2011 (EDT)

That's what you're basing that solely on? If she can comprehend the concept of paying someone for a bolt of cloth, the idea of someone paying for another form of service/goods shouldn't go over her head. The other part is clearly Picard being dismayed not by the concepts of capital investment as much as he's astounded by Offenhouse's rampant greed and lust for power. Their reactions are more one of suprise to Offenhouse being such an over-the-top asshole.

Also, we've seen plenty of times since where Federation citizens are not dismayed or show a perfect understanding of commerce and free enterprise, ranging from Cyrano Jones in TOS to Cassidy Yates in DS9. Many Starfleet personel show a clear understanding of such things, which is why Sikso, for example, can deal with Quark, or Janeway can go and buy a meditation lamp for Tuvok as a gift from a Vulcan ("The Gift"). That latter example is important because we know that money is still used in the Federation by some members and Earth is the only planet so far known that does not use money as it is understood today. Another example of modern-style commerce in the Federation is that Bolia has a banking system.

Anyway, I think it's worth reflecting a change in article. --Mike 13:48, 4 October 2011 (EDT)

Revised. I think the quote from DS9 explains the situation better, anyway. --Ted C 09:55, 5 October 2011 (EDT)