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The size for Starbase 74 is in serious error. Where is the reference for the scaling of 50% larger given? Proportionately, the refit Constitution class Enterprise is 26.2 to 1 on the width and 32.67 to 1 im comparison of the height to refit Enterprise's width (excluding the spindly antenna towers) as seen in the comparison diagram available at Jeff Russell's Starship Dimensions website at This means a 470 meter wide Galaxy class in the same proportions to Starbase 74 as the refit Constitution was to Spacedock would mean SB 74 is an astounding 12.14 km x 15.55 km (again without the antenna towers, which would add considerably to the height).

I have not found official sources for the ship widths, but unofficial sources put the width of the Galaxy at 467m and the Constitution at 127m. That's a ration of 3.68. Using that ratio, Starbase 74 would have an overall length of 16.9km and a diameter of 13.2km, even greater than your figures. Even so, the actual arguments in the page are still valid. If you know the official dimensions, feel free to update the article accordingly. --Ted C 16:23, 27 January 2010 (UTC)

127 meters is the width for a pre-refit Connie, Ted. Offical blueprints published back in 1979 for the refit Connie and David Kimble's iconic cutaway poster place it at 140-145 meters for the saucer diameter. This can be confirmed to comparisons of the drawings of the ship seen in the various editions of the Star Trek Encyclopedia and deriving the width from the offical stated lengths. The same is true for the E-D and other Galaxy class starships.

I will update and try to include the various scalings, such as Graham Kennedy's.