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Suicide is the voluntary termination of one's own life by one's own hand.

Is attractive to:

  • Emos
  • Stereotypical Alien Predator-based Races - "I must atone for my failure, Lord Khorak, by committing suicide."
  • Japanese (BANZAI! *commits seppku*)
  • Jem'Hadar
  • Fanatical Terrorists

Methods of Suicide

  • Airliners (Preferred by Cowards)
  • Firearms (Preferred by Men)
  • Sleeping Pills or Medicine (Preferred by Women)
  • Sharp Implements such as knives, etc (remember to cut down the tracks, not across the street)
  • Death by Cop (charge a cop with a knife; get shot)
  • Trains (Jump onto subway tracks, or park your car on railroad tracks and wait for the hourly express).
  • Machinery of any sort (balers, tree chippers, etc. Take a jump into one end, and come out the other end nicely ground or baled!)
  • Carbon monoxide via automobile exhaust(preferred by the lazy)
  • Jumping from high places (preferred by the X-TREME!)