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An omni-tool
An omni-tool is a multi-purpose device widely used in Mass Effect.

Standard Features

An omni-tool is a miniaturized computer, scanner, communicator, and fabrication device. The device itself is worn as a bracelet or implanted in the user's forearm. The user activates the tool and issues simple commands via specified motions; a holographic interface allows the user to enter complex commands. The miniature fabricator can produce an assortment of tools on demand, such as welding torches, viewscreens, or flashlights; and it can also be used to produce parts from available materials to repair or modify other equipment in the field.

Combat Features

Militarized omni-tools can have an assortment of advanced combat functions, such as the following:

  • Rapidly manufacturing small drones that can assist the user in combat
  • Producing and launching guided missiles with incendiary or cryogenic payloads
  • Generating directed electromagnetic pulses
  • Producing blades or other instruments for use in close combat
  • Remotely hacking enemy computer systems