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Nanotechnology is the technology of developing microscopic devices. The best known variant is nanorobotics, the creation of microscopic robots, which are generally expected to be used in medical applications and computer manufacturing.

Nanotechnology in Science Fiction

Nanotechnology, especially nanorobotics, appears frequently in modern science fiction.

Star Trek

  • TNG "Evolution" - Modified medical "nanites" infest the computer systems of the Enterprise, interfering with ship functions and threatening a unique research opportunity. They eventually develop a sentient hive mind and negotiate their own release to an uninhabited planet.
  • Star Trek: First Contact - The Borg assimilate victims from the Enterprise by injecting "nanoprobes" into their bodies that take control of them. These will be a feature of the Borg in all of their subsequent appearances.

Other Science Fiction

  • In Babylon 5: Crusade, the alien Drahk release a plague upon Earth that is actually composed of nanotechnological devices.
  • In Stargate: The human form Replicators and Asurans are made up of nanites.