Lucrehulk-class battleship

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A Lucrehulk-class battleship in the Naboo blockade

The Lucrehulk-class battleship was the primary capital ship of the Trade Federation before and during the Clone Wars. It was composed of an outer ring with hyperdrives and large engines and a separable inner "core ship" that was capable of landing on planets.


The Lucrehulk is one of the largest classes of starship seen in Star Wars, measuring 3170 meters in diameter, enough to dwarf Imperial Star Destroyers. Its armament was evenly distributed around the hull and consisted of hundreds of turbolasers. The Lucrehulk was also in possession of a massive pair of tractor beams ideal for loading and unloading parasite craft or grappling any enemy that flew into range of it's front end. Nonetheless, they were not purpose-designed warships but modified freighters, and they suffered in battle as a result. Their acceleration was comparatively poor, and their weapons were distributed in a way that ensured that never more than about 25% could bear on any single target.

Although not as effective in combat as dedicated warships, they served admirably as transports. A single Lucrehulk could carry hundreds of droid starfighters and thousands of battle droids with their landing craft and support vehicles. In addition, the core module of the ship could detach from the outer cargo ring and land on planets as a super-lander similar to the Acclamator.

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