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The versatile Lambda-class Shuttle

The Lambda-class shuttle is used by nearly every culture in the Star Wars Galaxy. The model is built by Cygnus Spaceworks and Sienar Fleet Systems, meaning that it has a large build run in both civilian and military markets. It sees its largest deployment for VIP and general transport use in the Imperial Navy.


The shuttle has a moderately large cargo capacity (80 tons) for a ship of it's size, making it very useful. It is equipped with a Class 1 hyperdrive and a medium capacity deflector shield system. Because of it's high speed and survivability, it is a very popular with high-ranking members of nearly every military and corporation.

The ship can be fairly heavily armed for a transport craft, although most civilian models are only lightly armed. In it's military configuration, it is armed with two steerable twin laser cannons at the base of it's wings and two more fixed twin laser cannons in the main hull. It also has a retractable twin blaster turret mounted aft, although many models do not include this. Most civilian models only mount a single pair of twin laser cannons in the main hull.

According to secondary sources, the Emperor's personal shuttle is equipped with a cloaking device and heavier shields and armor, sacrificing most of it's cargo capacity.