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The Kilimanjaro-class is a class of dreadnought developed and used by the Systems Alliance Navy in Mass Effect.

Almost a kilometer long, this class of dreadnought is armed with a main mass accelerator cannon running the length of the ship, which can launch slugs at thousands of kilometers per second for double-digit kiloton kinetic energy yields. It is also armed with 78 broadside mass accelerators to port and starboard, for a total of 156 secondary mass accelerators. For defense, the Kilimanjaro-class employs GARDIAN point defense lasers and kinetic barriers.

The Systems Alliance has constructed at least five Kilimanjaro-class dreadnoughts: SSV Kilimanjaro, SSV Shasta, SSV Tai Shan, SSV Aconcagua, and SSV Orizaba. Alliance dreadnoughts are named for mountains on Earth.