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The Jarada are an "alien of the week" race who were briefly mentioned in the TNG episode "Encounter at Farpoint" and figured more prominently in the subsequent episode "The Big Goodbye".

Alien of the Week Features

We never had a chance to see the Jarada in either episode. In "Encounter at Farpoint", they were noted only as a fairly formidable power in the area. In "The Big Goodbye", the USS Enterprise was sent to their homeworld to establish relations, which would require Captain Picard to recite a ritual greeting in the Jaradan language with perfect pronunciation, something that would be difficult, since the Jaradan language was very difficult for humans.

Jaradan technology was briefly displayed when the Enterprise was subjected to a powerful active scan from the Jaradan homeworld while still hours away at warp speed. The scan was so powerful that it interfered with some systems on the Enterprise, especially the holodeck.

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