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Inquisition emblem

The Inquisition is an organization in the Imperium of Man that serves as a secret police force designed to maintain stability in the Imperium.


The Inquisition has three main divisions:

  • The Ordo Malleus (Daemon Hunters) are tasked with the elimination of daemonic threats, often assisted by the Grey Knights chapter of the Imperial Space Marines.
  • The Ordo Hereticus (Witch Hunters) deal with threats of Chaos corruption, heresy, and insurgency from within the Imperium's population; they are closely linked to the Ecclesiarchy and, by extension, the Sisters of Battle.
  • The Ordo Xenos (Alien Hunters) are tasked with removing extraterrestrial threats from Imperial society. They are supported by the Deathwatch, a special force of Space Marines recruited from multiple chapters to assist the Ordo Xenos.

In addition, there are unofficial organizations and schools of thought among the Inquisitors:

  • Puritans regard anything of non-Imperial origin as something that needs to be cleansed from the universe. Negotiation is tantamount to treachery, and studying alien technology or Chaos "magick" leads inevitably to contamination.
  • Radicals are willing to make deals and negotiate with alien powers or even attempt to make some use of Chaos artifacts, hoping to turn the tools of the enemy against them.

Inquisitors are few and far between, but most recruit a large staff of acolytes to deal with relatively minor threats to Imperial power and security.

Power and Influence

Inquisitors have the authority to utilize any resources available to the Imperium to perform their tasks. Such resources include the Imperial Guard, Imperial Space Marines, Adeptus Arbites, and the various temples of the Officio Assassinorum. Most Inquisitors recruit a staff of acolytes to assist them in their work.

The Inquisition also has a permanent seat among the High Lords of Terra.